Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Mon-Tuesday and Clothes on Wednesday

Good Grief it's Wednesday already! I'm always so surprised when it comes.

Yesterday was Mon-Tuesday.  My oldest had a snow day off from school on Monday so when Tuesday got here it felt like Monday.  Now that it's Wednesday it's feeling like Friday.  Ugh!  My days are all messed up.  I think late spring is causing this confusion.  I need some warm weather, flowers, birds and trees with leaves.  I think that would be quite lovely.  You know, this time last year my kids were outside in short sleeved shirts, no jackets.  But this year, we have to put a coach on just to go out for the mail. Brrr!

Yesterday I realized that I am almost out of diaper refills.  We use gDiapers on our youngest.  He's been using them 90% of the time since he was born.  I love them!  Cloth outside, flushable insert, Awesome!  But my darling hubby and I decided that once this case was gone that was it.  No more g's... I'm sad.  So yesterday I pulled out the stash, and it made me want to have another baby just so I could use them again.  I don't actually want another baby, I still have a kid that keeps me up all night.  But, oh!  If you all could see these precious little diapers.... you'd want a baby too!  So I sent a farewell to the gDiapers page on Facebook.  And immediately I had moms wanting my diapers!  Well, that's cool and stuff but... I don't wanna get rid of them.  I want to keep these things FOREVER!  But, I can't.  I have to get rid of them.  So I sold almost all the medium diapers and a couple of the larges.
Here is a picture of my mediums, so cute!
Aren't they pretty?  I miss them already.

I still have all the tiny g's and the size small.  Those are so adorable!  The tiny g's can fit preemie and newborn!  Oh so little!

Anyway, I must stop talking about diapers.  My boys are growing up, I should be happy that I'm almost done with kids in diapers, I am!  But... they're so tiny and cute!  I love tiny baby things.  

So anyway, moving on.  It's Wednesday and I know everyone wants to know what I'm wearing.  Arizona jeans, lime green tank with a black long sleeve shirt over top.  Oh... you want a picture?  Well, I didn't take one.  I guess I could do that.  I'm sleepy... and I noticed before going to the bus stop that my shirt has a hole in it.  But... I suppose I can go get a picture for you :-)
Ah yes, it's one of those days where I can't even hold my head straight.  I'm tired...
On the top:  Lime tank (Target)
Black long sleeve shirt (Target)
On the bottom: Arizona jeans (JCP)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wednesday... I'm wearing...

So here it is another Wednesday.  First calendar day of Spring (it's too cold) and I'm watching 'Hop'.
That and I'm also crocheting a bit.  I made bracelet this morning.  Another one with a locket.
But on to more important things...
Today I am wearing...

Are you ready?

On the top: bright pink tank
blue sweater from Target
On the bottom:  Arizona jeans from a store...somewhere...
on the toes: Zoya nail polish - Wednesday (how perfect!)

I also have Starbucks in hand, thanks honey!
And then there is my glove that I wear when I crochet for thumb support.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


So I like to buy mix bags of beads.  By doing that I get lots of new beads to try out. Which is great because I can try things before buying a bunch. And I also get the chance to see new beads that I would never have thought to buy.  Sometimes I get things like ear wires, head pins and pendants.  Well, my most recent mix bags included lockets!  I've always liked lockets, although I've never had one with a picture in it.  I just like them, they're pretty and such a sweet idea.  So when I pulled out multiple heart shaped lockets from this bead mix I was so excited!

But what should I make with them?  Of course a necklace would need to be made, because that's pretty much how people always wear lockets but... what else could I do?  A bracelet perhaps?  The locket could hang as a charm from the bracelet.  These aren't huge lockets anyway and so yesterday while trying to stay awake ( Neezy doesn't like his bed, he prefers mine...) I decided to put some jewelry together.

So here is the necklace idea I came up with:

It's on a thin snake chain.  I added a 6mm bicone Swarovski crystal in aquamarine.  That just happens to March birthstone.  And then I added a small flower charm too.  I think it came out quite lovely.  The chain is unfinished right now, I haven't settled on a length for a necklace like this.  Or I may change the chain type.  I haven't fully decided yet.

And then there is a bracelet idea:

This is made with glass pearls.  It has a toggle clasp and the locket it slightly off centered.    It is quite lovely in person.  Not sure if I will stick with the design, will have to wait and see how others like it.

And I HAVE to share a bit of art work.  Over the weekend, the tiny men and I were drawing pictures.  I drew a cute little owl and Neezy said he needed my paper.  I assumed he wanted to scribble all over it which is what he would normally do but instead he did this:

He drew an owl right next to mine!  I couldn't believe how awesome he did.  He's been drawing faces lately, adding eyes, nose and mouth.  He even draws hair for them.  But this owl was just spectacular!  Quite the artist my little Neezy is <3

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


And so here it is another Wednesday.

Blogging sure does make the days go by quickly!

Also, last week, I whined about the snow but would you believe it is all gone!?!?   That's right, over a foot of snow is gone and in it's place, semi-spring like weather! Weird, and yet oh so awesome all at the same time.  It could be a little warmer though, like 60's would be splendid.  But...  my flowers are blooming.  Check out some cell phone pictures of my blooming bulbs :-)


Beautiful!  I love spring.  It needs to finish arriving!  Please...

And so, on to my What I Wore Wednesday post.
Here I am:
On the top: White tank (Kirkland brand) and pink and blue striped shirt (Old Navy)
On the bottom: WallFlower Jeans
Naked feet per the norm

Did you notice my picture isn't blurry this week??!?! Or isn't AS blurry as it was.  How weird, right?  

And I was just thinking that as a jewelry maker I should probably share my jewelry that I wear each and every day.  Ready?
Alright, I made the hemp necklace.  NOT the owl, that was a gift.
The next necklace down is my favorite (yet dangerous) 'Vegan' necklace.  I've cut myself on it multiple times, it has sharp edges
And on the bottom is a necklace that I made, it has a Swarovski crystal for each of my boys (2 rubies and 1 light amethyst) plus a sterling birds nest w/ 3 eggs (not made by me)

Right ear: the same hoops that I have been wearing for years!  
Next up with my diamond from my love
Above that is a moon, the earring back has a 4 leaf clover on it.  I'll be wearing this until at least the 17th

Left year, pretty much the same as my right except in the top I have a ruby.  Sadly I lost my other ruby :-(

And on my wrist is the only bracelet I wear 24/7  It is a simple beaded bracelet on stretch cord.  The initials BTBA stand for Beading to Beat Autism.  I sell these simple bracelets (each one is different) year round for $3 a piece.  100% of the money is donated.

And I'll end with a super cute picture of my oldest:
I "stole" this from the school website.  That is why his name is blurred out.  I blurred out the kids in the background though.

Have a fabulous day <3

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Building T-rex and Baking Bread

How could I forget about Blog Post Tuesday?  This should be routine by now.

I think I know what happened...

Last night I went to bed later than usual.  I was waiting for my darling husband (we always go to bed together) who was busy with some stuff.  So it was getting later, after 11pm when we finally made it upstairs.  Then after laying in bed for MAYBE 15 minutes my door opens.  And here comes Neezy to sleep with mommy and daddy!  YAY!  No...
Then the wind started blowing and I SWEAR someone was driving a race car somewhere!  Or maybe I was just that tired.  Either way, I couldn't get to sleep.  And then with the time change, waking up at 6am, which use to be 5am is hard!  So I got up, had a mini bagel and then laid down on the couch.  Normally I sleep for 10 minute intervals until I have to get up.  Well... I slept for 15 minutes, woke up, looked at the clock and went to sleep for 15 more minutes.  I looked at the clock, saw I didn't need to be up for another 15 minutes so I went back to sleep.  30 minutes later I jump up, realizing I NEED to get my son up for school.  ::sigh::
Did I mention that it was raining? Yep, so it was all dark and rainy which is perfect for sleeping.

Anyway, so here I am, writing to you :-)

Today I am working on a T-Rex.  This guy is coming along at a rather slow pace.  I'm working from a picture, trying to write my own pattern.  He's pieces right now, not really anything to share.  I have his main body piece, his tail and about 50% of his head done.  He's modeled after a dinosaur from an Annie's Attic pattern which I believe is out of print.

I'm also baking bread.  I have my regular sandwich bread recipe that I tend to make every week.  I've altered it over the years to include different flours and some chia seeds.  Well, today I decided to go a different route.  We're borrowing a cook book from my Mother in Law and I found a bread I wanted to try.  The kids probably won't be super interested because it has sunflower seeds in it but, I don't mind.  That will mean, more for me!  It is Whole Wheat Sunflower Seed Herb bread.  This recipe makes two loaves so I really hope it's good.

And since I don't want to have a whole post without a single picture...

That's me, almost 8 years ago at Disney World.  tehe~ Enjoy :-)

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday: Lazy Snow Day Edition

Alright, as I mentioned yesterday...
**  But I can tell you all right now, if I wake up to more than a light dusting of snow tomorrow, I am not going to be happy :-/  **

Well guess what happened...?

Yep, at least 1 foot of snow happened.  Not. Happy.
Sorry about the crummy through the window picture.  It's cold and super windy out there.  

Oh and I have sick children.  Or well, at least one of them is sick, temperature of about 101*  He's doing better than he was this morning but appears to be wearing down again.  But then there is this kid:

Sure he looks all sweet and innocent here but when he's in bed with you all night...  he's not quite so fun.  

I'm hoping he just didn't sleep well last night and that he's not actually sick.  They did start scraping the roads EXTRA early this morning which if it kept me up, I'm sure he was awake as well.  This kid has some serious separation anxiety.  Hopefully it stops or eases up a bit before he turns 3.  We have 3 1/2 months until then.  Maybe we can get that paci from him too?!?!  Maybe??

Alright and since I know you are just dying to know, here I am on this "fine" Wednesday afternoon.

That's me, being so lazy I didn't even bother trying to take a good picture. 
On the top: orange t-shirt hidden under my fleece Columbia hoodie
On the bottom: Jeans... Arizona jeans, they have holes in them and are pretty comfy
Nothing on my feet :-)
I'm wearing my crafters glove on my right hand but you can't see that in this picture.

And because I know you're curious about what is in my lap.  It's a triceratops leg, or at least that's what it's going to be.  Right now it's just a circle.  

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


It's Tuesday, which for me is... Blog Day!  But I also Blog on Wednesday.  So maybe eventually everyday can be blog day :-)

Let's see... my family survived another winter weekend.  Still not over because apparently we're expecting about 12 inches of snow tonight into tomorrow.  This tiny person is not pleased.  My children don't really care and my husband will be at home anyway so he's not really phased either.  But I can tell you all right now, if I wake up to more than a light dusting of snow tomorrow, I am not going to be happy :-/

On to a bit of happiness...

Let's see...

Oh yeah! I made some super cute bunnies yesterday.  I have a few left to finish today.  Here, look!

A close up of the cuteness that is Snuggy Bunny

Dora Snuggy Bunnies!

I love this fabric.  These would be great for little boys.

Oh yes, they're cute!  Very simple too.  I made the pattern myself so this is all mine.  They're just $11.22 and right now they can be found on my facebook page.  Follow this link:
Neezy on Facebook :-)  I have two more that are still unfinished so if you want to see them you should probably head on over to facebook and wait... and wait....  It's going to be about 10 or so minutes until they're finished so go ahead and make yourself comfortable.