Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I've missed you!

It has been entirely too long since my last post!  I apologize!

You see, I've been busy... but not really.  I was at a bake sale which I mentioned before.  It went well, they raised a good amount of money from all the yummies.  I made some money off some jewelry and donated a little over 10% of my earnings to St. Baldrick's.

Then the next weekend we did the community yard sale.  It rained a little bit but we still sold some stuff.  I'm looking forward to the next yard sale so I can hopefully get rid of even more.  How fabulous would it be to get a ton of unused stuff out of our garage??  Pretty stinkin' fabulous!

The week following the yard sale I was at the doctors office with my oldest because his throat hurt.  They diagnosed him with strep without testing. It may have actually been something else.

Well, then the next weekend came and we went to a Family Reunion.  My dad's side of the family.  I knew about half, met a few new ones though!  The drive there was an adventure.  We decided to test out our DVD players for the car.  My youngest ended up getting sick in the car about 20-30 minutes into the trip.  Car sickness?  Maybe the movie and being in the car made him sick.  But if anyone of you remember I don't handle this kind of thing well.  We decided to keep going, about 20 or so minutes later he got sick again!  Movie again?  We made it to the reunion and had to wash the poor kids clothes.
I really hope it was something else that caused him to get sick and not watching the movie because we're headed about 4 hours south in a few weeks and it's going to be a REALLY long car ride if we got a kid who gets sick every 20 minutes.  Shew!

So then my oldest gets a full body rash the following week and we head back to the doctor.  This time he sees a different doctor who says he could have fifths disease (not strep!).  Home again for the day.

We finally had a weekend at home.  Except we didn't stay home.  On Sunday we had lunch at Ruby Tuesdays (love that salad bar!), we headed to the park for a bit and then to Toys R Us.  It was a nice day!

Now that we're about caught up I can share this week with you all.  Monday was good, just a regular Monday.  Tuesday at around 3:15am my youngest woke up crying. Fun times.  He got up again at 4:15am... even more fun!  Finally when he woke up around 8am he was pretty upset and felt warm.  ::sigh::  Sick kid #2   Later that day after a bit of a nap (him, not me) he woke up really upset again. He hadn't hardly eaten all day and wasn't really drinking much.  So I checked his temperature.  103.4*!  I gave him a bit of tylenol.  After an hour it was down to 100.7 but I was concerned so I made him a doctors appointment.  Doctor looked him over a few times, nurse checked him over a little bit and did a strep test.  The test results were negative so he doesn't have strep.  Possibly fifths disease.  Yay...  Today he seems to be feeling better though so now I guess we just wait for our other kiddo to get this.

And now you are all caught up!  Sorry for not posting more, I've been a little distracted with my life lately.

I should mention that if anyone is going to be wanting something 4th of July specific then you should probably get your orders in soon.  I'll be on vacation from June 22-29th and may or may not have time to work on orders while there.