Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I'm Still Here!

Hi! did you think I disappeared?
I didn't. I've been here, just kinda busy.
So here it is my What I wore Wednesday post AND some other stuff.

Let's start with the other stuff first.
I'm busy.  Busier than I have been in quite awhile.  I had two birthdays to celebrate, just 5 days apart and then a party in between.
Here are a few pictures from that:
The cake


and mustache tattoos for everyone!

And then I suddenly got a bunch of orders!  I've been working on those when I'm not doing something for my birthday boys.  I had an order for a triceratops and a Sponge bob.  The triceratops was picked up on party day and I'm working on Sponge bob now.  I have most of his pieces done, and I'm hoping to be done by the weekend.  Here is part of him:

After I finish Sponge bob I have a few other things to work on. Dory, Nemo and Hello Kitty.  And then two other kitties.  And guess what, I got some jewelry orders too!  I have about 5 or so Baltic amber items to make.  Hopefully my beads get here soon!  And a nest necklace.  I haven't made one of those in awhile, but they're always a hit!  
Thank you to all my lovely customers for your business.  I really appreciate it!

Now on to what I wore/am wearing today on this cloudy Wednesday.

First off, I had to workout.  
on the top: random workout tank that I have
bottom: shorts from Kohl's
feet: I had socks and... *gasp* sneakers on too! 

After my workout I put some 'daytime clothes' (as my kids call them) on.
top: gray tank and sheer blue tee over top
bottom: tank shorts
feet: naked!

And then this morning my favorite nail polish brand had a post saying "Orange is the New Black" and so, my fingernails are orange today :-)  
P.s. That is an amazing show if you haven't yet seen it.  You can find it on Netflix