Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday!

Good morning.... err... well, Good Afternoon everyone <3

So it is the last Wednesday of Summer break for my kids.  On Monday (26th) I'll be packing lunches and sending 2 of 3 kids off to school.  My oldest will be heading off to 2nd grade this year.  I think he's excited, which is good.  And then my little kindergartner!  I have no idea if he's excited or not.  He seems kinda neutral about the whole thing.  At first he was excited, he thought he'd be with his big brother.  But then, we broke the news to him that he won't get to hang out with big brother all day.  He'll be in the same school but separate rooms.  He only goes half day so I think that makes things easier, it'll give him a better chance at adjusting to being away from me.  Or I guess, it makes it easier on me being away from him...   Yeah, I'm nervous.  I was nervous sending the first one off to school and I'm nervous about this one as well.  I'm rather attached to this guy though so I think it's going to be hard.  *sniffle*  We got this!

I have some pictures to share of some of my recent finished projects.  Let's see, there are these adorable little kittens:
Cute, huh!

Then there is my Hello Kitty-like toy.  She's rather cute too.
Adorable? Yes.

Both of those can be purchased through my facebook page,

I'm currently working on a Spongebob, which is quite large!  He's cool though, here is a picture of the first one I made, posing with my boys.

And now on to What I Wore Wednesday!
On the top is a beautiful tube top from Soulflower (LOVE Soulflower!!)
On the bottom are my white shorts from Target
The jewelry is the same stuff I always wear minus my St. Baldrick's bracelet :-(  The boys got putty stuck all over it and now it's in the trash
And on top of my head are the only sunglasses that fit me decent.

And there you go.  A blog, from me, to you <3  I hope everyone has a fantastic Wednesday!  

Oh look! The mail is here :-)