Monday, September 22, 2014


I just don't stop by and chat with you anymore, and I'm sorry.
I have been ALL OVER the place.
Last post was in June! Wow!

Well, let's see... We got a new kitten.  His name is Charlie.  He was not healthy at all when we got him, it took 2 months of almost weekly vet visits to get him well and growing.  And poor Oscar, he ended up with all kinds of ickies from Charlie so he was at the vet all the time too.  But they both seem to be doing lots better so yay!

Neezy:  Well, things are going well.  I had a bit of a break but orders are back!
I've added cross stitch to Neezy.  Here is an old one that I made for my husband.  Stop by our Facebook page to see other awesome cross stitches that I've made.  Neezy Cross stitch album

Above is the Baylie Bear Cowl that I made. It's being modeled by Neezy himself <3  I got the pattern from The Velvet Acorn.  You should stop by and check out her stuff!  It is so cute.  I do make and sell these though :-)

eSpecially You.   Things have been pretty quiet around there.  Jewelry just doesn't seem to do as well as it use to.  I'm a bit bummed but I can't give up! 
I've recently picked up a few new beads and things for new items.  Be sure to stop by eSpecially You. to see any new items when they go up!

I recently started a course on Fitness and Nutrition.  I am very passionate about health and helping others reach a healthy weight whether it is by gaining or losing weight.  Which lead to the start of my next page share.

Avoiding my Fat Genes:  This page is my project of sorts.  It's a way to share my journey to get and stay healthy while hopefully sharing tips to help others.  You can find it here,
I know a lot of people are put off by the name but I really like it.  It's kinda what I'm doing.  I hear so many people say that it's in the genes to be overweight.  Well, I am surrounded by overweight people in my family and I'm trying to show that you don't have to let your genes define you.  Please check out my page <3

Well, it looks like it's lunch time already.  I hope every reader of this post has a fantastic day.  <3