Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Summertime, is that you?

It's just a little after noon and it's already 72* out there!  We're expecting a high of around 87... 87!  It's only May.

So, what am I doing on this hot day?  Well, I'm glad you asked.  I am, not doing anything :-)
Okay, to be honest, I'm sitting here writing this blog.  I wanted to say hello.  Hello!

And of course I have to tell you what I'm wearing today.  It is Wednesday after all.
On the top: black tank from Macy's and a sheer white tee from... Ross?
On the bottom: Super cozy stripey skirt from Old Navy
Naked feet as usual.

I'm back to wearing tons of bracelets too!  YAY! Three on each wrist.  I love how warm weather equals more bracelets for me.  They are hard to wear with long sleeves.

This weekend we have the community yard sale going on.  And so I will be in my driveway attempting to sell some of our unused items.  But, I'll also probably be out there with my crochet and jewelry stuff. So, if you are in the area, please stop by the Wakeland Manor community yard sale!  Would me a lot to see my customers.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Fringe, Unicorns and Cookies!

Sorry for waiting oh so long before posting.  I've been a little busy this week.  You see, I posted a week long deal on both eSpecially You. & Neezy!  That's right, a deal that lasted the whole week.

Over at eSpecially You.  you can get a pair of fringe earrings for just $10.00-shipped.  These hand woven earrings are usually around $15 a pair so that's a pretty good deal.  I only have 3 different ones made already but can make them in many different colors.
These are my favorite.

~ Rainbow Fringe Earrings ~

Pretty, huh!

Then if you head over to Neezy, you'll see that you can get horses, unicorn, and zebras for just $18.00-shipped.  These are normally $22 so there is a good deal as well.  Of course this isn't limited to just those three.  If you want a donkey, you can get one for just $18.00 as well. 

~Rainbow Unicorn ~

Now on to my absolute favorite subject, COOKIES!  Okay, that's not really my favorite but I do love cookies.  Tomorrow, Saturday May 11, 2013 there is a Bake Sale.  Proceeds from this event will go to St. Baldrick's.  Not sure what St. Baldrick's is about?  Well....

What does the St. Baldrick's Foundation do?
The St. Baldrick's Foundation currently funds more in childhood cancer research grants than any organization except the U.S. government. The Foundation coordinates its signature head-shaving events worldwide, where volunteers get bald to stand in solidarity with kids fighting cancer and raise money to support life-saving childhood cancer research. St. Baldrick's events are the largest volunteer-driven fundraising opportunity benefiting pediatric cancer research.
Sounds good, doesn't it??  So, if you're in my area, PLEASE stop by the bake sale that is going on tomorrow.  Starts at 12-noon and lasts until 5pm.    There will be more than just baked deliciousness there.  I've heard that there will also be some face painting for the kids, Mary Kay baskets too!  And as long as all goes well, I will be there with a few crochet items, sewn items and jewelry.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Clothes, Colored Hair and Earrings

I'm gonna talk about my clothes, it must be Wednesday!

So, is everyone having a good week so far? Yay for Wednesday, right?  My son has a short week at school, no school Friday.  Apple Blossom Festival is apparently such a big deal around here that they get a day off from school!  Awesome!

So let's get started with the usual Wednesday post.  I mean, I should be making Cinnamon Rolls (oh my gosh, yum!) but I feel like we should chat a bit first.

Let's see how this goes...
On the top: a shirt, I don't know what brand it is...from Ross, maybe?  I really love it though, te he
On the bottom: Angels capris, pretty sure they came from Ross
Naked feet as usual

What's that?  My hair?  Oh yes, that's right.  It's teal and pink!  If you aren't friends with me on Facebook then you don't know about it yet.  I LOVE IT!  I don't know that I have ever loved any color as much as I'm loving these.  Seriously.  Every time I wash it I get sad as I see the pink water.  It's not permanent, it'll take some upkeep but... totally worth it!  It's gorgeous.
Pretty, huh?!?

Now on to earrings.  I've been busy with needle, thread and beads lately.  I love this style of earring and if they don't sell I'm going to start wearing them myself.

I have made 3 pairs so far.  All three are different.  Those pictured above are the rainbow fringe and also the biggest pair.  The other two are smaller and the colors are different.  They sell for under $15 a pair unless you request sterling silver ear wires.  

Have a lovely day <3