Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday!

It's that time again! Wednesday!!

It's kind of an exciting day today because one of my oldest friends (no, she is not old) is in the hospital RIGHT now awaiting the arrival of her first little one.  A baby girl! I am so excited!   I've known her since kindergarten, so that is like.. 20 years!  Okay, maybe we are a little old :-)  So lots of positive labor vibes in her direction!  So exciting!

Alright on to what I'm wearing.  I'm really going to have to hire someone to do these Wednesday pictures.  My camera still won't focus on me.  Perhaps in upgrade is in order??  Other than it's refusal to take good pictures of me, it works great.  Maybe it doesn't like my outfits?

So anyway today we have:
On the top - my awesome knitting shirt (I don't actually knit) which was a gift and came from Cafepress
On the bottom - my FAVORITE skirt (so far) from Soul-Flower
As usual my feet are naked

The temperature is suppose to be low 50's today so I'm pretending it's springtime.    Can you blame me?  This winter has seriously been dragging on and on.  Enough already! 

Oh I also want to share a new addition to Neezy (at the machine)

Hot pads!  

So for now these can be found on my facebook page, here: Neezy

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Setting Goals

So this morning I decided to set a goal for myself.  Each of my little business pages now has a goal for the year.  I know these goals are reachable but I'll need the help of my friends, fans and family.

My goal for eSpecially You.  is to sell 50 items by the end of the year.  So far this year I've sold 9 items.  This one should be easily reached, last year we sold 77 items!   Now that I also have a storenvy store I'm hoping to go beyond last year, but we'll stick with our goal of 50.  

My goal for Neezy is to sell 75 items by the end of the year. So far this year, I've sold 11 items.   Much like my jewelry goal I feel this one should be easily reached.  Last year we only sold 51 items but I really think we can go beyond that and hit the goal of 75.  But I'm going to need your help reaching this goal.

Will you help me reach these goals?

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

Would you believe me if I told you my camera won't focus on me again?
Well, it won't, at least not when I was trying to take timed pictures.  It's weird, it use to work fine about 75% of the time.  ::sigh::  Now I have a good reason to take pictures of myself and it's not working.
Ah well, on to my Wednesday post.

Is anyone else as tired of winter as I am?  I mean seriously, I feel like it's just dragging on and I am sooo tired of it.  It's cold, it's windy, it's rains but sometimes it snows.  There are so many germs in the air I don't even want to leave my house anymore.  But I don't really want to be in my house either.  UGH! Come on warmer weather!  I want to move to where it doesn't get below 65* all year.

I had a dream last night that I was at the beach.  I could literally feel the hot sand, the warm sunshine.  During that dream I felt so happy.  It was glorious!  I NEED warmth.

Okay, enough pouting, on to my official post.

On the top: lime green tank and blue long sleeve shirt
On the bottom: Red Camel jeans
On the Feet: nothing as usual
And I'm wearing sunglasses this morning because while it is FREEZING outside, it's also quite sunny

I know, I know, I look ecstatic this morning.  I'm tired.  Neezy was in my bed again.  He popped in around midnight last night.  He's always in my bed.  I'm kinda tired of it but too lazy to do anything about it.  So I suppose I should buy a bigger bed?

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Kids and Germs

Well, it's Tuesday, but feels like Monday because there was no school yesterday.

I had to send my little guy back to school today and he looked so sad to go.  I felt bad, I kinda wanted to turn the car around and head back home.  But no, he needs to go to school.  His education is important, besides, I'm sure he missed his friends.

Well, I guess now you're wondering what happened that would cause such a sad return to school.  Well, germs happened.   Not the flu, not norovirus, but strep...

As a kid, I would get strep and ear infections every year.  I felt like I was always on antibiotics, it wasn't fun at all.  But I can handle it.  I can handle fevers, coughs, sneezing, and runny noses.  No problem at all, I am a mom after all.  But there is one thing I can not do and as soon as it happens I run (literally) and cover myself.  No joke, I literally duck and cover.


I am terrified of it.  Oh, no... beyond terrified,  it's an actual phobia.  It sucks :-(  Not just me doing it, but anyone.  Even if it's on the television, it bothers me.

So why am I mentioning this terrible 'v' word when my son had strep?  Well, because apparently having strep can cause you to vomit.  I had NO idea, seriously.  So when the nurse called and said, ' he threw up in class' I panicked!  I didn't even think that maybe he could have strep throat.  Nope, not even a little bit.  My first thought was, "Someone save me!" Because the last time I got a call like that, my poor kid spent 6 hours with his head in a trash can.   I won't even describe my panic as I packed my two younger kids into the car and headed out, or how ridiculous I probably acted in the office at the school as I signed my kid out.  I was a mess and my kid, he seemed fine.

But after 4 days of randomly getting sick, I sent him to the doctor where they discovered he has strep.  They gave him some stickers, a prescription and sent him home.  He's doing a lot better now, besides being sad about returning to school.  I'm not big on medications but I am so thankful for this antibiotic because my kid is now able to eat and doesn't need to carry around a trashcan.

So here is a little reminder from the emetophobe:  Wash, wash, wash your hands!  Scrub them with soap for 20 seconds (sing a song if you need to) then rinse them off in warm water.   Don't touch your face, don't pick your nose, don't stick your hands in your mouth.  There are so many germs out there right now, circulating around, and we (as in Everyone!) just want to feel healthy as we head into spring.    Also, adding a little extra Vitamins D & C into your day couldn't hurt either ;-)

Have a Happy Tuesday-that-feels-like-Monday!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What I wore Wednesday!

This is an exciting WIWW post for me because not only do you get to see me here but, if you visit another blog you'll get to see Neezy :-)  Stop by ButterBeans&ChicPeas :-)

I was having a little trouble with this one because no matter how many times I tried my camera did not want to focus on me!  No idea why.  Maybe it was because I'm just too lovely today and my camera couldn't handle it?  Nah, that probably isn't the reason.  But I'm going to share with you the best out of the, at least, 20 pictures I tried to take of myself.
On the top: Beatles shirt from Old Navy
On the bottom: Red Camel jeans from... I want to say Belk?
On the feet: Nothing of course, lol

So there you have it. Me, Wednesday and what I'm wearing.

I also wanted to share with you my little Valentine's Day project I did for my oldest.  He's a big Bad Piggies fan and wanted to give Bad Piggies Valentines to his friends at school.  Did you know they don't sell them?  I was kinda surprised!  Well, I decided to make some for him.  So I spent about 4 hours yesterday working on a picture to turn into Valentine's for 20 first graders.

After two hours here is the uncolored large version of the Valentine.  You like?

And finally this morning, my darling husband scanned my colored drawing (not pictured) and made it smaller so we could make lots of little ones. YAY!

Oh and another thing, since this is really awesome and exciting... Neezy slept until 6:40am, which is awesome for him!  For the past week and a half he had been waking up anywhere between 1am and 5am and getting in bed with me.  So, him sleeping that long was super awesome and amazing!  YAY!  

Monday, February 11, 2013

Neezy at the Machine

So, I've decided to add to my current items available through Neezy.  Now, not only do I offer pre-made and Custom crochet items but I also have pre-made (only) fabric items as well.    As of right now these sewn items are only available as pre-made.  Fabric can be expensive so I'm using what I have.  If these items appear popular or do well then I will add in a custom feature.   This is just another way for me to do something I love and make people happy.  Besides that, I have a nice sewing machine and serger that appear to get neglected.  Let's put this stuff to use!

So far my only available items is a set of storage pockets.  I think they're cute and are actually pretty roomy.

What do you think?

 Those are available, $17.26 for the set.  It's a cute farm/country print.  Yes, I know it's sideways, but I kinda like it that way.

I've made other items as well, such as quilts, purses, child messenger bag and I've even made clothes.  None of that is available at this time but maybe one day :-)  I just need to keep my machine running and uploading new items.  AND I'm going to need a place to store all these goodies if they don't start selling.  My craft room is over flowing with pre-made goodness, I really think I need to sell this stuff!  

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

W.I.W.W (2.6.13)

Is it really Wednesday again, already?  I swear my weeks seem to go by faster now that I blog at least twice a week.

So I suppose here we are again.  It's Wednesday, I had to pick something nice to share.  I'm getting to the point where I am so tired of my clothes that I want to throw all of them out (or sell them) and buy a whole new wardrobe.  I feel like I have been rotating through the same long sleeved shirts for months and I'm just so tired of them.  Warm weather, you better be here soon!  After all, Phil did say that Spring is right around the corner... right?

On the top: orange tank from, who knows where and 'DayTripper' tee from Soul-Flower
On the bottom: The usual WallFlower jeans, pretty much the only brand that fits me well
On the feet: Nothing, of course!

Sorry about my head being cut off at the top :-/  Sometimes I'm not all that great at self portraits, te he!

So there you have it, another What I Wore Wednesday! Still not quite ready to link up with another blog, maybe when the weather warms up and I get to start wearing the stuff I adore!  

Have a lovely day <3

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Wedding Jewelry is fun!

In my 2(ish) years making jewelry I have been asked twice to make wedding jewelry.  So far, I can't say officially that I have made (and sold) a single piece.  I've had the pleasure of designing some wedding pieces though and have really enjoyed it.

My first request came way back when I first started.  Her dress wasn't the usual white or ivory but black and blue.  She wanted butterflies to be on the jewelry.  I got out some paper and sketched up some idea.  I wish I could find those drawings.  They weren't professional but they were some of my first sketches.

5 minutes later...

oh, there it is!

My very first design for custom wedding jewelry.  She loved it, was so excited but wasn't yet ready to order her jewelry for her wedding.  

Well, then my second chance to design for a bride came around.  She needed bridesmaid jewelry and something for her flower girl.  Again, I jumped at the chance.  We talked, came up with a few designs and I ended up with these:

first idea, was a bit pricey

second design, much more reasonably priced

third design would add a bit of elegance

I love designing jewelry for gifts and special occasions.  The thought of working with a customer to create something with meaning to be worn for a special day is so exciting.  I can work with you to create beautiful items and together we can make it fit into your price range.